The Importance of Rules in Life

Regulations are made with various purposes and functions. Some of the functions of the existence of regulations for life in the family, school, and community, among others:

  1. Functions as a regulator of human behavior so that it is always in accordance with the rules of a good life.
  2. Serves as a protector of the rights of others.
  3. Serves as forcing the obligations of others to always be carried out.
  4. Serves as a tool to strengthen national integration.
  5. Function to create a conducive, safe, comfortable, and peaceful environment for all citizens.
  6. Serves as a guide in living social life.

Regulation is a control tool to regulate human behavior. The rules themselves are made so that every human being does not act arbitrarily towards himself, others, and his nation.


Is Driver License important?

Driver’s license is a mandatory component that must be owned by all motorists on the road, two-wheeled or four-wheeled. However, do we know the purpose of making our own Driver License?

Most motorists have a Driver’s License intended to avoid getting a ticket on the road. Even though more than that, the Driver’s License itself is legal proof that a person can be allowed to drive a vehicle on the road, with qualified abilities, so that it does not become the cause of an accident. A Driver License, hereinafter abbreviated as Driver License, is a proof of the legitimacy of competence, control tools, and police forensic data for a person.

Surely someone has passed the test of knowledge, ability, and skills to drive a motorized vehicle on the road. This is in accordance with the requirements determined by law number 22 of 2009 concerning road traffic and transportation. Continuing the discussion about Driver License, in chapter 4

The Regulation of the Chief of Police Number 9 of 2012 is further explained regarding the elaboration and purpose of the Driver License, as follows in full.

1. The legitimacy of driver competence is a form of recognition and appreciation from the Republic of Indonesia to test participants who have passed the theory test, skills test through Driver’s License, and practical exam.

2. The identity of the driver, as intended, contains the complete identity information of the driver.

3. Driver competency control, is a law enforcement tool and a form of driver accountability or the driver’s responsibility when controlling his vehicle.

4. Police forensics, as intended, contains the identity of the driver that can be used to support the investigation and investigation of traffic violations and accidents as well as other criminal acts.


Vehicle Signal Lights, How To Drive A Car To Communicate Between Road Users

Proficient driving is not only a matter of how to drive a good car, but also how you are able to use various signal lights correctly so that you can communicate smoothly with fellow road users. In order not to be misguided and to drive smoothly, consider the functions and meanings of the following car signal lights, come on!

Near lamp (low beam)

Its main function is to illuminate the road so it must be lit at night, when passing through tunnels, and into underground parking so other motorists know your whereabouts. During the day, the main lights are also turned on by the drivers who are members of the convoy. The goal is to make it easier for the road captain to monitor the group and notify other road users.

High beam (high beam)

Turn on the headlights when driving on a quiet and poorly lit road. You can also get attention from other motorists by “blinking” the headlights (dim) so that it is a sign that your car wants to get priority.

Turn signal

The blinking of the turn signal is a signal that your car wants to turn right, left, or change lanes. Just make sure you turn on the turn signal in the direction of the turn. In addition, you can also use the right turn signal if you want to overtake the car in front of you.

Brake Light

Turns on just as you press the brake pedal so the vehicle behind you can slow down and keep your distance.

Reverse Light

Shift your car into reverse gear and the reverse light will turn on automatically. This is a way of informing the driver behind that you want to reverse the car.

Hazard lights

Press the button with the triangle symbol, then the right and left turn signal lights of your car will light up and flash simultaneously. Hazard lights are used when your car stops due to a disturbance or is in an emergency condition on the side of the road.

In addition to car lights, you can also communicate with other drivers using the horn. Make sure you use both wisely and according to their function so that they are not misinterpreted by other drivers. Happy driving!